Greena holds prefects & students and students council elections. Overall aspirants took up over 50 leadership positions


April 16, 2018 ushered in fresh babies into Greenhill Academy Secondary School’s prefectoral and Students Council bodies in a colourful gig themed, ‘Leadership that propels innovation and initiative’. The event that began with a humbling yet energetic praise and worship sesh that kept the audience on their feet also displayed the high level of creativity and talent the students have.

In attendance, as the guest of honour, were Col. Felix Kulayigye and a special guest Ms. Jovita Ajuna, the Newspapers in Education editor and Toto Magazine’s former editor. The two guests in chief made the event even more memorable with practical and inspirational speeches.

As the outgoing leaders peacefully handed over power to the incoming leaders, one could not help but notice the high level of democracy exercised among the young students. As another important sign of democracy, the outgoing head prefect, Daniella Isimbi delivered an emotional speech so much that she could’t hold back the tears of joy before the audience as she highlighted how much she had learned as a leader and the important value of teamwork.

She went on to encourage the incoming leaders to work together and serve their fellow students diligently. In relation to the theme, Col. Felix highlighted the great importance of being proactive and innovative as a leader and that by the time one leaves office, they should have left an important mark by which they can be remembered. To the zeyis in attendance, he thanked them for being present. Many parents today are not present in their children’s lives; seeing parents this involved is great.

We would like to thank the outgoing cabinet led by Daniella Isimbi and student Council chairman; Niyonzima Emmanuel Fabrice for the work well done. To the incoming prefectural body led by Talemwa Ezra and the Students council body, Chris Abraham, we wish you the very best and we are excited to see what you have to offer during your term of office.


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