Recently, the Interact Club of Mary Reparatarix Secondary School, Entebbe had a switch of duty. The time was up for the old committee which had served for the past year. They handed over to a new and fresh committee. The handover party, which took place at the school, was a full day of fun and entertainment. The lassies invited dudes from SMACK as well as other neighbours: Nkumba SS and Entebbe Parents SS. The girlsonly hosts and the invitees mingled well, making the gig quite a frisky affair as any Interact gig should be.

It started off with performances in music, dance, drama sketches and even stunts. They cheered each other, smiled and laughed together. They talked about the values and duties of the Interact Club and all the yap that speeches come with.

They shared experiences. They ate. After lunch, the official handover went down. The old committee of 12 executives handed over to the new in witness of the attendees. Josephine Asiimwe (Form 4), the outgoing president, gives the club files over to Angel Ndagire (Form 5) as the new president for 2018/19. But, Josephine said, “Handing over position does not mean leaving the Interact Club entirely! I will continue serving the club because I am still a member by heart.” A lesson there, right! The new president, Angel, promised the club shall do more social services, especially in the neighbouring community. Look, the girls wash teachers’ cars and the money goes to charity. Angel also promised more vibe in the clubs. Less yap, more pics famalam…


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